The “Unlady Like Diva” Mia X is back and telling her story for the first time ever. "Things My Grandma Told, Things My Grandma Showed Me: A Cookbook of Memories" is a raw memoir and cookbook that covers the emcee’s life from 1975 - 2001. The story is told through her relationship with her grandmother and New Orleans’ 7th Ward legend, Mamaw. For readers, she relives key moments in her life including becoming a teen mom, selling drugs, surviving domestic violence, her time with No Limit Records, the murder of her best friend Jil, a secret music industry relationship and much, much more. The book was released during Essence Fest 2018 and by the end of the weekend was sold out and declared an Essence Fest Best Seller thanks to word of mouth among her fans. *NOTE: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES VARY BASED ON REGION/COUNTRY

Things My Grandma Told Me Things My Grandma Showed Me

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  • Get the #1 Essence Festival 2018 best selling book "Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me" written by artist, chef and philantropist Mia X. *NOTE: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES VARY BASED ON REGION/COUNTRY.

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